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PDT715SYN3FS GE Dishwasher stops after 5 minutes


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Mar 18, 2023
Jackson, TN
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1-5 years
After being out of town for a week our GE PDT715SYN3FS dishwasher starts but stops after 5 minutes. The issue seems somewhat similar but slightly different to an existing pressure sensor post (not sure if it’s the same issue).

Details: I have entered error/service mode. No codes and the dishwasher seems to run through all 8 modes - I assume that I would get an error message if something doesn’t work.

When running cycle - tried multiple times, same pattern:
1. Starts with 208 on display and runs drain pump (?) for about 2m30s. Timer goes down to 207 but then stays on 207. Front display initially shown cleaning, then turns off. Top display stays on.
2. Brief pause.
3. Then, 2:45 into the cycle, a pump turns on/off 2 times quickly and then stays on for about 1 minute until stopping.
4. About 3:50 into the cycle, the previous procedure repeats on/off on 3rd it keeps running till about 4:45 (top display continues to show 207).
5. At about 5:10 from the start, all lights on the top display turn off.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Uses this service manual:
This tech sheet in this thread:
Thanks bigbuck.(y)

It does sound like the pressure sensor is clogged or semi-clogged. Disconnect power to the dishwasher, then pull the pressure sensor out and clean it and see if the fixes it.

The pressure sensor monitors the water level.

Here's the pressure sensor for your model:

Watch this video to access it:

Let us know how it goes.
Thanks bigbuck and Jake. I was able to clean out the sensor. At first, this led to an H2O error message but now it seems to be working. About 30 minutes left on the first load. So far so good.

Unfortunately the dishwasher is still not working. I now get an H2O error message. I can fill and drain in service mode but when I try to run a cycle I get an H2O error almost immediately.

Could I have messed something up with the pressure sensor?
Could I have messed something up with the pressure sensor?
Possibly the pressure sensor is faulty. This is a common part that fails.

Page 51 of the tech data sheet @bigbuck posted above tells you how to test the pressure sensor.

Testing the Pressure Sensor: To verify the pressure sensor is receiving power, remove the connector from the sensor and test for 5 VDC between Pin 2 (+) and Pin 3 (-) on the sensor.
To verify the sensor is properly sending the water level signal to the machine control, test for frequency (0 - 5 VDC) between Pin 7 (+) and Pin 12 (-) on the machine control connector J806, as shown in the diagram. Use the chart on the
next page to determine if the output frequency corresponds to the water level observed inside the dishwasher.

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