• ** REMEMBER! **The microwave can still shock you even unplugged!!

    ALWAYS discharge the high-voltage capacitor first if you even think your hands will come close to any HIGH VOLTAGE components.

    Jeff mentions this: Anything in the high voltage ( magnetron, capacitor, diode, wires to and from ):
    ...Use a metal ( not the shiny chrome type ) screw driver with a insulated handle to short across ( touch both at the same time ) the terminals of the high voltage capacitor to discharge it.

    From Jeff's site: http://www.applianceaid.com/component-testing.php

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PEM31SF1SS GE countertop microwave runs whenever door is closed


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Oct 6, 2014
San Anselmo, CA
Model Number
6-10 years
Subject says most of it! Control panel is responsive but does not turn off the magnetron. It will, for example cause the turntable to begin rotating if you have it “start” running (and of course it is already microwaving).

Dr Google suggests either control board (as opposed to control panel?) or door latch switch(es).

As countertops go, this 850w unit is fairly expensive due to its wide but shallow form factor (I think). The present unit has more juice than this one (1100 vs 850) but is $400+. It’s pretty good despite its power rating so that’d why I’m even posting.

(Dangers from the cap in even an unplugged microwave are noted and respected.)
I would start with replacing the latch board, switches and latch. Running when door is shut is a defective switch in most cases. Board is actually quite rare.

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