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FIXED Persistent E25 & occasion E24 errors SHX4ATF5UC/21


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Jun 8, 2021
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6-10 years
I've changed out the pump, cleaned the filter & lower basin, and blown out the drain hose (drains on its own occasionally), but it continues to error out. I didn't pull the unit out completely, just covered the drain hose with a nitrile glove which I punctured, then blew into it three times. There doesn't seem to be any blockage. Any ideas?

A copy:

E24Dishwasher not drainingIt means that the dishwasher is not draining properly due to the drain filter being blockedDrain pump, drain pump filter, drain system restricted

E25Drain pump blocked, drain issue, filter clogged or pump impeller is jammedIndicates the drain pump is blocked or the drain pump cover is loose or missingClogged drain pump, clogged drain hose, drain pump cover

Maybe something like a piece of plastic is floating around flip flopping around blocking and then not blocking causing intermittent issues.
Blowing air often doesn't do much since it is water that flows through the hose. Maybe flush t he drain out into a bucket so you can see if anything comes out.
Maybe the drain pump is intermittently not running?!?...just a thought.

jeff sr.
I'd found some glass in the lower basin and assumed more had gotten into the pump, so I replaced it with a new one to no effect. I'll have another look around for floaters and check the drain hose more thoroughly. Thanks.
I've tried snaking the line from both ends but can't get past the point where the clear tubing joins the black. Is there something inside that would block the snake by design? I'll have to disconnect the wiring to pull the unit out any further and I'd rather not if it's not strictly necessary.
where the clear tubing joins the black



jeff sr.

jeff sr.
Junction of 432 and 434, though mine doesn't look like that. The clear drain goes straight back along the left side into a structural box and exits the other side as a black hose going to the disposal. At least that's what I can determine without unplugging it and fully removing. I assume 435 is somewhere upstream of the 430-434 section and unrelated. I can feel what might be 437 though where the two lines meet.
437 and 438 should be for the fill only.

430 is a check valve ( should only allow flow in one direction ).

435 This water inlet housing provides a passageway between the drain house and the water inlet valve.

432 and 434 are just drain hoses, one fits into the other with what appears to be no connector between them.

432 This is a drain hose, or sump drain hose, for a dishwasher.

434 This is a drain hose for a dishwasher. Water flows out of the dishwasher through this part at the end of the washing and rinsing cycles. This drain hose measures a little over seven feet long.

jeff sr.
Mystery solved: a flake of china had somehow gotten into the union of the drain sections. When pressure was off, it lay on the bottom, allowing air past. When the flow started it moved up to block the opening. How it made it that far down the drain past the guards and filter, I couldn't say.
Thanks for your help; much appreciated.
The drain is leaking where the clear and black hoses meet. I've tried tightening the clamp but it didn't help; i may have overtightened. Any suggestions for a quick fix?
E25 again after running half an hour or so. I'm stumped.
- The basin and filter are clean
- The pump is brand new
- The hoses are verified clear
- The garbage disposal that this empties into is working and not blocked.

When this happened earlier, I noticed that the drain hose was off its support structure but after I put it back into place and restarted, E25 again. I looked and it's still in place.

Maybe the drain pump is intermittently not running?!?...just a thought.
I heard it spool up for a few seconds, shut down, then spool back up and shut down before it coded.
I'm stumped.

Me too :(

I heard it spool up for a few seconds, shut down, then spool back up and shut down before it coded.

As far as I know, only the control can do that.....unless the motor is heating up and quitting....but it seems more normal to have the control pause the power to the pump to do this.

jeff sr.

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