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PG80ESUA 36040 Payne furnace fails to start


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Feb 5, 2021
Model Number
PG80ESUA 36040
1-5 years
This furnace manufactured in October 2019. Payne PG80ESUA 36040 (Carrier 58SU0A) fails to start with Service Code 2 FLASHES (RED). Quoted from service label:

"Pressure Sensor Null Error: Inconsistent reading with inducer off, 5 second lockout, Unlimited Retries.
Control waits 5 seconds after CFH before displaying fault. Fault is displayed until fault condition corrects or
CFH is removed. Check pressure tube and vent for restrictions, transducer electrical/pressure connections,
inducer wheel and motor move freely. Ensure pressure tube not covering bleed port on transducer."

During Component Test, inducer motor fails to activate.

Troubleshooting operations.
I checked and found 0 VAC output from control board to inducer motor during Component Test. I measured about 200K ohms through each leg of Pressure Transducer. Neither the bleed port nor the pressure port are blocked.
Am I correct to assume the Control Board is land fill?
Thank you in advance for your help.