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PGB995SET1SS GE Profile igniter blew, then display failed


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Oct 14, 2019
Houston, TX
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6-10 years
Our GE Profile, model PGB995SET1SS, had a bad igniter in the lower oven. I bought a non-OEM replacement and installed it with ceramic wire nuts provided. It tested fine. Next time it was used (by S.O.) she said there was a pop and a fizzle sound, then control panel went out. I checked breaker and it had not tripped....I flipped breaker for 30 secs, reset, no difference. Checked igniter and it was in many pieces. Lights still work, stovetop and upper oven work fine. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the reply, but that will only fix part of the issue. I am looking for advice on whether or not I need a new display, on how to troubleshoot the display issue and whether or not anyone has experience or insight into what the igniter burning out would fry the display.
Ok Nick, You will need a multimeter to check for 120 volts on the clock oven control board across L1 and N. If you get 120 volts and no display on the clock, then its bad.

Here's the clock oven control board for your model:
WB27K10433 Control Ovn (ERC3HP)

Let us know what you find.

Thanks Jake! I've put it away for the night, but are L1 and N very obvious to find? And is there any reason why a lower oven igniter blowing would cause the control panel to crap out? VERY big coincidence if it was not related and I dont want to get in a loop of replacing these components.
Probably because of the non-OEM ignitor Nick.

I've replaced hundreds of OEM ONLY ignitors in the past 32 years and none of them caused this issue you had with yours.

L1 and N very obvious to find?
Yes, its marked clearly on the back of the clock oven control board.


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