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FIXED PGLEF385CB1 Frigidaire Range Vent tube adapter screen


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Mar 31, 2018
Ottawa, Canada
Model Number
The small one inch diameter screen fell out of the vent tube exhaust at the top right corner, inside the oven. This is the tube rises to exhaust behind the I can't figure out how to reinstall it. The tube is notched in such a way that I can't push it back in. I can't remove the tube from the inside, there seems to be metal tabs holding the assembly in place. I think I may have to access it from the top by removing the stovetop, but I'm just guessing. Anyone come across this before? Any ideas are appreciated. Also, what is the purpose of the screen? Can I just leave it off?

I found the part number of the entire assembly, 5303310542, but I'd like to be able to just remove the tube and get the screen back in and save the cost of replacement.

The whole assembly will twist to come off and to go back on.
The screen is one of those important but not critical parts....so leaving it off will not do much of anything.....it helps to prevent smoking from coming out of the oven vent.

Smoke-Eliminator-318317100--01014432.jpg Smoke eliminator vent

Thanks Jeff, That's the piece. It looks like I have to rotate it to get the inside tabs lined up with holes that must be under the outside tabs. I tried turning it but it must be stuck with years of grease. It wiggles a bit but it looks like I'll need to take a pliers to it for leverage. Any chance it could be screwed in place on the other side, preventing it from turning?
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Any chance it could be screwed in place on the other side, preventing it from turning?

Not from the manufacture but whom knows what someone could have done over the years.

Thanks so much Jeff. I bought the stove new. The piece definitely needs some help spinning around. I was able to turn it an 8th or so and could see the aligning holes with a flashlight. I'll take a pliers to it tomorrow and a bit more elbow grease!
Maybe slowly work back and forth as some rust or such could easily weld things together.

The results: I finally got around to working on it today. I had to rig up a way to turn the piece to align the tabs to allow it to drop out of its position. Turns out it wasn't stuck from rust, it was sticking because over the years, or during manufacturing assembly, the part of the assembly that goes up into the top of the oven was out of round. It was slightly oval, enough to jam it in place. It took quite a bit of twisting pressure to turn but it did come out finally. I put the screen back in, made sure it was tight, and put it back in. I didn't try to reform the tube into a round shape because it seems like the aluminum wouldn't take it. I thought it might crack. So I just forced it back in and used my clamp to turn it into position. Phew. Now I hope the darn thing stays put when the oven heats up and the part expands!
Thanks again Jeff for your guidance.

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