PLD2850 is nothing but a headache


Nov 25, 2005
I have been in my home for one year now, and I am having the electronic control pad replaced for the fourth time. I used to be able to force it to work by resetting the fuse, but now it is dead...I have the blinking lights, the stopping mid-cycle...all of it!!! If you have one of these, absolutely purchase the extended warranty...I've used mine twice in one month. The electronic control pad is under a five year warranty, but without an extended warranty, you will be responsible for labor. Frigidaire has already forked out 3-4 times what I orignally paid for the dishwasher. I thought I just got one lemon, but judging from the blogs, it is an issue with the unit.
This past time it broke, I had to wash dishes for seven days to get an appointment for the guy to come out (during a 9 hour span of an appointment window)...just to tell me that he'll order the parts (again)...and will come back in TEN days to replace!!!
Totally frustrated :mad: :mad: !!
PS...As an added feature, so much steam comes out of the steam vent, that my counters are disintegrating from the moisture.

UPDATE....So ten days later the guy came and replaced the control panel for the fourth time...and on the 11th day, it ran for about 15 minutes, and started flashing "PF"...ran it again & the same thing...SO...back on the phone with frigidaire, who had me on hold/hung up on me three times over the course of one hour, only for someone to pick up the phone at 5:27 to tell me they were closing. When I stated that I would have been done over an hour earlier had I not been hung up on three times, she told me to have Sears (their authorized repairers, who have been out every time) come to my house and call them from my home phone to see if the dishwasher can be repaired or not. BUT that's what they tell me every time...but when Sears comes out, they don't want to make the call (I'm assuming they won't get paid unless they make a repair)...But, what else am I going to do??? So I call Sears, where I have to wait TEN MORE DAYS for an appointment to have it fixed again. So at this point, I've been without a dishwasher (for this repair alone) for nearly one month...XMAS eve is around the corner where I serve approximately 25 people...If they don't fix this soon I'm going to have a nervous breakdown...

UPDATE PART II: So XMAS Eve was some work...whatever...Dec. 29...Sears out again...replaced control board...still runs 15 minutes, then flashes "PF"...I asked Sears again to contact dice (at this point, Frigidaire wants me to trick the Sears Tech by calling them myself & then throwing the phone at him to talk...yeah, I don't think so)...Sears Tech now wants to replace the wire board (?)...coming back in another 8 that time, it will be about 56 days with NO DISHWASHER!!! Am I having fun yet?
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Oct 22, 2007
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your counter damage is probably being caused by a poor fitting door latch, or the dishwasher is installed too far under the counter

frigidaire had trouble with those latches, the sears tech should know there were numerous service buletins about the problem, there is a newly designed gasket that solves the problem

you can check this yourself, run machine through as much of a cycle as it will and BEFORE the dry cycle hit cancel twice to stop unit, let it sit a minute and open the door, if there is water on the top of the white door liner the gasket is leaking

btw this leak can cause repeated failures of the control board and touch pads

btw, i have seen frigidaire pay for counter damage after a tech failed to address this leak they should have been aware of