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Please help. Kenmore Elite 796 top load.


Aug 1, 2023
Model Number
796 29272000
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I cannot figure out what is wrong with my washer!!! I’ve tried everything I could find online.
It throws codes OL, OE & IE. I disconnected every hose to make sure there were no clogs. I took the drain pump apart, cleaned and replaced it. I replaced the water inlet hoses and I made sure the tub floats properly and that the bearings weren’t corroded.
After all of that it still throws codes randomly and acts different with every load. Sometimes it will wash a full load properly or sometimes it will go all the way through a cycle but when it’s finished draining all of the water, the drain won’t turn off until you unplug the machine for a while. Sometimes if a throws a code, you can push pause then immediately start it again and it will wash correctly. I tried washing on different load settings and for a week it worked correctly on the bedding setting but today that stopped working and now every 5 mins the DR error suddenly starts beeping but the washer is turned off. I push the power button on and off again to stop the beeping but 5 mins later it does it again.

What is going on?!?!

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