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Please help opening/debugging Thermador Professional and igniters


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Jan 19, 2021
SF Bay area
Model Number
Unknown :(
More than 10 years
Hi, I can really use your help to fix the igniters on our “Thermador Professional” 6-burner gas cooktop.

The house we moved into has an old gas cooktop, 6 burners. I've looked everywhere for a model number and I cannot find it, but it looks like this:

View attachment 55770

View attachment 55771

Gas flows normally to all burners and I can light them all with a match.
The front and back burners share a single igniter, so there are 3 igniters.
The igniter can start all the back burners normally.
But on two of the front burners the igniter will not light the gas... there is no clicking sounds and the igniter does not spark.
Since front/back share the same igniter, the igniter itself is obviously fine, so it must be some problem with the controls.

I was hoping to get in the front panel open to see the controls and trying swapping some wires to isolate the problem.

But i have two problems:

1. I cannot the front panel open! There are two screws on each side of the front panel, which i removed, but the panel does not budget. OK, it's an old cooktop with lots of sticky stuff, so probably I need to use some force. But I'm afraid to use too much force and bend something. Can anybody help me understand how do I get into the front panel to check (and eventually replace) the controls?

2. Once I'm in the front panel I'm not sure how to debug this. (which wires to swap or if there is something better to try.) As I see looking through the grease pan slot, there are some blue boxes and then the controls that the knobs are connected to. What should I test? I have a voltmeter so I can easily check voltage, continuity, etc.

Thank you for your help!
Your photos didn't come through, upload them again please.

Hopefully a Thermador tech. can assist you. I would help, but I know nothing about Thermador.

Hi Jake

actually I foudn the part #, so probably the photos are not necessary.

The part # is "GCT36 6". As I understand it is the GCT36 line, and the "6" means it has 6 burners.

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