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PLHS37EESB7 Ice maker ejector arm problem


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Feb 19, 2012
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1-5 years
Hi, Twenty5

I've been working on my 2 door side by side fridge for quite some time now and can't seem to figure out what is wrong.

The problem is the ice maker.

-It makes ice
-Proper amount of water is injected into the trays
-Heater tested and works fine

Problem : The ejector arm (the rake that spins and pushes the ice cubes out), does not do a full cycle. I'm not sure if it's a random stop or not, but it stops at (what I think, to be random spots) and when it stops I can see the gears on the side go *click, click, click* as if the motor is trying to turn but it doesn't have enough power to. I know for a fact that it has enough power because if I hold down the switch for a few seconds it will indeed spin and push the ice cubes out.

the gear spins about 1 or 2 millimeters and fall back down.

If anyone out there knows a solution or need more information, please ask away! Haven't had an automatic ice cube maker for about a year now :(

P.S. I finally have a holiday off to try to fix this. :)

Thanks! Twenty5
I will reply almost asap.
What I've seen happen on that style ice maker is, the brass motor gear that turns the white plastic gear will wear a spot out on the gear. I've also seen that brass gear break the plastic gear in the center behind the screw. Remove that screw and you'll see the center of the plastic gear is "D" shaped. That plastic piece that fits in the big gear is like a sleeve that goes through the cover and into the ice maker mold and the ejector rake fits into that piece so when everything is lined up the fingers are at nine o'clock position and the flat part of the "D" is at the top. Inspect those parts closely.

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behind the white gear, I believe the "detent" item, is there a special way the relay switches are aligned with the detend when the flat part of the D share is on top?

thanks for the reply I really appreciate it!
sorry for the double reply, also the detend, I'm not 100% sure if If I think what you mean it is, is it the cylindrical piece that presses down on the relay switches at different turning positions? ... aka the part where the big white gear with the D shape fits snuggly onto?

edit--- nvm. i know waht the detent is. I'll try to place it at the up position
The ejector fingers fits into that detent so with the flat part of the D on the top the fingers should be pointing towards the rear of the ice maker and not loose or stripped inside the detent. Make sure you put the gear back on in the right direction. Don't flip it over.
okay I have just inspected the pieces. The white gear appears to be in tip, top, shape.

I have aligned the D so that the flat part is facing the top and the ejector fingers are facing 9 o clock (or the rear).

As for the detent, It's (ever so slightly) weared down. just the button parts inside. I really don't think that may be the cause. But there's a a good chance. I will order the detent piece that you have provided me.

Are there any other diagnosis that you have come up with?

Maybe I can check them while the piece is on order.

Again, I immensely appreciate your reply and help in hand!

(again, further analysis, I see why you may have come up with the idea that the detent is the issue since it has wore down a bit the relay switches are hit at the wrong time which triggers and triggers off the motor.)

I have said that it stops at random positions, but mainly It stops at the 3 o clock position where the ice "slides" off" and at the 9 to 10 o clock position.
UPDATE: I have aligned up the fingers to the 9 o clock, held down the manual rotate switch to allow the arm to do 1 full revolution. As the arm comes a bit past the 9 o clock position, It pauses. Water is poured in and does not stop. This did not happen before, would you say that the detent wore down enough that the water relay switch is stuck on the on position?

thanks in advance
What I would like you to do is use your fingers on the ejector rake and pull it towards the front of the ice maker. At the same time I want you to watch the brass gear and the plastic gear to see if either one turns and tell me about how much force it took to turn them. Turn the power off to the ice maker first.
yup. to get it past the problem (where the arm stops moving) I would need very little force, I would guess enough to get it past a hump on the detend. (I would probably compare it to pressing a button on your monitor or keyboard... x1.5 or x2?)
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more detail on the detend, I only see wear and "scratch" marks on the outside perimeter of the detend, i don't believe there's much or any damage to the indented parts for the switches. but chances are, might have shrunk... and changed the timing. Do you know of a place with quick delivery and avail on stock? thanks a bunch Rick
thanks for the help. A few weeks ago I ordered the motor and it finally came in and I have replaced it in the ice maker. The eject arm does a 360 degrees now.

Another problem might have occured though. From the 9 o clock position it just stops and the ice crescent cubes are frozen. But the ejector arm just seems to sit there at the 9 o clock position. If I hold the on button to allow it to rotate I'm afraid it'll go all the way to the end and push the ice out before it's melted from underneath and break the ejector arm.

Is this another issue? or am I not waiting long enough. It's been such a long time that i've seen my icemaker in action.

thanks for the help.
Should I turn it off then? or leave it as "on" although its stopped at 9 o clock after water filled.

and thank you so much for your replies. I was afraid it's been a while since i've post and you might have left :)
That style ice maker doesn't use a power module. It uses a different style cam and microswitches. The normal off position is 9:00. Just leave it on with the bar down.
Hiya Rick!

I'm back with an update.

So, it's been around 30+ hours and it makes ice cubes. But the ejector arm stops at the 9:00 - 9:20 position. If I hold down the "on" switch to manually move the ejector arm, the heater on the bottom will heat up and the ice will melt and the ejector arm will do the 360 degree and back to the 9:00 - 9:20 position. But, the problem it seems to have now is that it just stops there at the 9:00 - 9:20 position. after the water fills. I have to manually hold down the button to eject the ice.

Is this another problem? or is it supposed to just sit at the 9:00-9:20 position? Or is something wrong again?

Thanks again, I thought this would be finished during my break, but I guess it's kinda cutting into my work time!
Like Rick said thats the normal resting position, its making ice fine isn't it? without you holding down the button to eject the ice?

Like Rick said thats the normal resting position, its making ice fine isn't it? without you holding down the button to eject the ice?


yea, sorry for so many questions being asked. It rests there and stays there. I have to manually hold down the on button for 15 seconds for the ejector arm to start moving again. Otherwise it won't eject the ice.... and just rest there forever... (i think forever. It might not have been long enough wait yet)
So, it's been around 30+ hours and it makes ice cubes.

How many ice cubes did it make in 30 hours?

Wait, your saying it makes the cubes in tray after 30 hours? Or dumps them after 30 hours?

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