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PotScrubber 980 --- Will only run with button physically held down


Jun 27, 2016
New York
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hey all,

Have a well old PotScrubber 980 that was recently pushed back into service. Worked fine for a couple of months but runs very intermittently now. Here is the problem:

The dishwasher will sometimes not start at all after everything is selected. The start button (knob, really) has to be pushed with considerable force to get it to run. It does, however, run perfectly for the time it is held down (obviously can't live this way if I want to keep my thumbs).

Sometimes after applying this pressure, it will remain running for a few minutes, sometimes maybe ten or more, or, if I'm lucky, it'll run to the end of the cycle. As a matter of fact it's running behind me now after I just wrestled with it for 20 mins. I won tonight, I guess.

Haven't been able to find any info on this on the Internet and so I'm turning here before we tear into the thing.

Anyone have an idea on a part or heard of this before? I figure the switch in the Start knob is on it's way out, but I'm interested in what anyone has to say.

Thanks in advance.