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Problem.Dual surface burner infinite control switch.Discontinued


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May 25, 2010
Model Number
Hello. I have a big problem with an Amana cooktop, Model: AK2H30E4 - P1131591NE. The problem is the switch. Already check and the problem is that the large burner does not work. I put a universal swicth to prove it and the burner works. The problem is that the original parts are discontinued. There are not any store. Do not know which part you can replace this switch. Dual surface burner infinite control switch. For an electric stove. This is the part number: 0309550
I can not put the universal switch because it is the original and because when I put the maximum, began to smoke. I said that is not Dual universal and that can burn. Help. Can not throw a kitchen just for the swicth is illogical. There must be a solution. I hope your help.
Thank you very much for the reply Jake. It is a great alternative. The only doubt is that this part belongs to the model: AK2H30E4-P1143719NE and mine, is AK2H30E4-P1131591NE, the same model number but different manufacturer. What is the difference between the parties. The original is 0309550. Are equal or why the manufacturer uses different parts for each model?
I have no idea Ronny, thats just the part it calls for on this model.


I have an AK2H30HR with the same switch bad. I traced though several substituted parts numbers in various places and finally got to this 0309550 number as a substitute.

SKU: 0309550
Replaces Old Numbers: 0307320, C2740705

My original number is the C2740705.

Does the number you recommend above (Manufacturer part number 12002422 is RepairClinic item number 1116513) also work as a substitute for the C2740705?

If not, do you have more detailed specs on these that could allow me to further evaluate the differences?


Does the number you recommend above (Manufacturer part number 12002422 is RepairClinic item number 1116513) also work as a substitute for the C2740705?

It would appear not to.

It appears to have the same rating and associated pins. Could it possibly work electrically? I could rebuild the mount if it might work. Is there a data sheet for it?

Beats $900 for a new cooktop.

I was able to use this control to replace the NLA part for the AK2H30HR. The fit was correct. The control was not. The element needs to be rewired to match the AKT3040 model cooktop instead. You need to reverse engineer the controls and wiring diagrams to do that. Turned out I didn't have to modify any wires, just reconnect them in a different way. I don't recommend it unless you are good with circuits and are very careful, but mine is now working correctly again.

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