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Profile Doesnt Dispense Ice When "Running"


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Jun 19, 2010
Model Number
Ok, riddle me this. The ice dispenser in the door of our GE Profile stopped dispensing ice. Yet, the water still works. Then, somehow we narrowed down that when the motor is "running" it DOESNT work. If we manually turn the fridge off, it WILL dispense ice.

Is there some kind of power switch/fuse that could be replaced?

Thanks in advance!
It definitely sounds like your motherboard is bad, very common to be bad with this issue,

Here's the motherboard for your model you can order here:
Manufacturer part number WR55X10942 is RepairClinic item number 1531075

Its in the back of your refrigerator, pull your refrigerator out from the wall, then take off the motherboard cover#803 here: 02-Sealed System & Mother Board parts for GE PCF23NGTCWW - AppliancePartsPros.com

Your motherboard is #801, Unplug your refrigerator first.

We have a special program here, all parts you order from our links we post are returnable within 365 days for a FULL refund, less shipping, if they don't fix the problem.:)

Thanks Jake, that makes sense. I'll have to look into that and save some pennies. Appreciate your help.
Glad to help.


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