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PWE23KYNSF GE Profile french door refrigerator temperature


Jan 10, 2022
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Less than 1 year
I recently purchased a GE Profile french door refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom. I am having trouble with the refrigerator part of the unit. Although I set the temperature of the refrigerator to 34 degrees, and the digital display on the refrigerator says the actual temperature is 34 degrees, it is not. I have an independent refrigerator thermometer in the unit. When the weather was hot the temperature was between 36.5 and 40 degrees, or 41 if opened a lot. It averaged between 38 and 40. When I went away for a few days in the summer the refrigerator door was not opened, and when I came home the temperature was 38. Now that it is cold outside the temperature is between 35 and 38, averaging around 36. The reason I set the temperature at 34 degrees, is to have the actual temperature at around 36. I have the option of having my refrigerator replaced. I have not had it professionally looked at, as if I do I lose the option of replacement.

I spoke to a repairman over the phone and he said that refrigerators often run up to 5 degrees above what they are set at. He said that if I have the unit replaced it will not be any different. I spoke to another repairman who said that the sensor that measures the actual refrigerator temperature is behind the wall of the refrigerator where the temperature may actually be 34 degrees, so it is measuring the temperature accurately - but measuring the temperature behind the wall, not the refrigerator interior.

My refrigerator is under warranty, so I could have a service person come and look at it, but then I would lose the option for replacement. I would appreciate any feedback on what to do. Should the digital reading of the actual temperature in a GE Profile refrigerator be the exact same temperature as shown on an independent thermometer?


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May 5, 2013
The thermistor (temp sensor) is in the wall but is open to the frig behind a plastic slotted cap. Your temps sound reasonable, manuf usually recommends 39 and 0. They would prob send a tech to look at it anyway before exchanging it. I am guessing digital sensor would be within 1 deg of thermistor.
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