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FIXED Random wake up occurring on my GE GDT655SSJ2SS dishwasher

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Apr 18, 2020
Mesquite NV
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Hey Jake
I've got a random wake up occurring on my GE GDT655 dishwasher. Can you straighten me out on the personality jumper settings? you quoted above

"NOTE--->When replacing UI control boards, the new UI Board MUST be configured as per the instructions included with the replacement. If the personality is not set by using the 4 jumpers, the buttons, LED’s or cycles will not function properly"

Sorry for the long story here but here is my history and confusion.

GE GDT655SSJ2SS Dishwasher
Unit started to randomly wake up, as if door was opened. Did not matter if door was closed or open for it to wake up. Continued to randomly wake up more and more often until it quit working all together. Dead. Replaced User Interface (UI) Still dead. Main Machine Control Board Status LED steady on. (Did not check for Low Voltages). Replaced Main Machine Control (MC). Still dead UI, MC status 3 blinks in sequence. Switched back to original UI, still a no go. Re-installed replacement UI with rechecking the wire harness and all interface connections. Yeah! We have control. MC status 1 blink every 3 seconds (Unit not running a cycle...). Ran couple loads, all well for 2-3 days. Now it has started with the random wake up again. Not as often but it is still randomly waking up with door open or closed. Could the Door Latch be cause of my issues? Why 2 switch contacts in this switch?

About the UI personality settings: The original factory UI board has the header pins installed with all 4 jumper blocks offset to open (1,2,4,8). The genuine GE replacement UI does not have any header pins or jumper blocks. The Circuit board has coating over the feed thru holes where the jumper block should be. The included UI personality instructions for 50+ GE models* show jumpers on 1,2,8, with 4 open for a GDT655 model. Now I'm confused as all the threads with reference to the personality jumper settings must be set properly for it to work doesn't make sense. Replacement UI appears to work properly but I do have this random wake up happening.
*No models listed has an open 1,2,4,8, configuration. 13 different settings, none are open configuration like the oem UI is set.
Lots of folks say the same thing. The original UI Board does not have jumpers, but all the new UI Boards do come with jumpers and must be set per the instructions that come with the new UI Boards.

When the random wake up occurs, the problem is your UI Board.

Here's the UI(user interface) Board for your model you can order: WD21X31902

Thanks Jake for the reply.
I still have the opposite. My OEM UI has jumper pins and the blocks to jump with all blocks set to open. The Genuine GE replacement UI does not have any of the jumper pins installed on the board but has the configuration instructions calling to jump 1,2,8 with #4 open
I posted my query on the GEHotpoint thread where you answered several responses to a couple of members about random wake ups. sorry If I posted in the wrong area but thought it would help on this problem.
I serious doubt they expect service/consumer to solder header pins onto the UI to configure for replacement. But there is no configuration reference in having any model with no jumpers, none. Do I need to contact GE for technical help?
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Your not understanding. The original OEM board does NOT have jumpers. All NEW OEM UI Boards do have jumpers you set per the instructions that comes with it. I have replaced this exact same UI Board at a local customers house in Parker, Arizona and I first set the jumpers on the NEW OEM UI Board per the instructions that came with it, then I installed the NEW OEM UI Board and it worked perfect.

Look at the thread here:

Here's the original OEM UI Board with NO jumpers:
dishwasher 06.jpg

Here's the NEW OEM UI Board with jumpers:
dishwasher 05.jpg

Thanks again for your response.
I am in error of the original OEM UI and the replacement UI. Somehow I confused which was original and replacement. I was in the process of taking it apart to photograph the 2 UIs and decided to install the Jumper blocked UI. The unit powered up normally and is operational. This is the replacement UI as its numeric display LEDs are white, not green, as the original UI. I apologize for my confusing the two. It sure made diagnostics hard on my part, but I got good at switching the part out in the door. lol. It appears the original UI has issues as it has a random wake up problem which is what I was trying to resolve in the beginning.We can mark this one off as repaired! Thank you.
Excellent, glad to hear the UI Board fixed it. (y)

Thanks for the update!

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