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RB215LASH Samsung fridge getting too cold


Apr 22, 2015
Memphis, TN
Model Number
I have a Samsung RB215LASH that is approximately 8 years old. The fridge side is getting too cold and freezing everything even though the temp is set on 42. I ran the diagnostic that report C-Fan Error, but not sure if that could be causing the issue. I'm thinking it's either the thermostat or a temp sensor, but not sure. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I hope the manual helps, see attached.

If needed...

Main-Control-Board-DA41-00293A-01027090.jpg Main power control board

Thermistor-DA32-00011E-01359075.jpg Temperature sensor



  • SAM0075.pdf
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I'm having this EXACT same issue.
Back in March this year, this happened (Without the C-Fan error)
I replaced both thermistors (Fridge and freezer) and the fridge started working as it should.

8 months later, my fridge froze everything again.
I replaced the sensors again (hoping) this would get it back working again.
This time I get the C-Fan error.

When I first plug in the fridge, all seems well. Temps on the display seem to line up with proper temps.
As time goes on, the inside temps drop, and drop and drop.
The compressor fan stops, but the compressor keeps running.
The freezer temps stabilize at the set-point, the fridge display stops at the set-point.
But the internal fridge temp drops to freezer temps.
If I unplug, and re-plug the fridge in, the display reads the colder temps,
but slowly goes back to the set-point.

Model number: RB213KASWXAC

I'm thinking it may be the control board this time?

Thanks for listening :)
Ordered the board. Here's to hoping...

What are the chances that the system would be low on freon?
K, thanks, was told the it might be the cause.

I'll report back if the new board solved the freezing.
Well, good news bad news...

The good news:
The fridge seems to be working again.
I have the set-point set to 2c and my thermometer reads 5c.
A little off, but its not frozen!

There is no signs out anything wrong with the old board, but there does seem to be that 'bad electric smell' from it.

The bad news, is I still get the cfan error? The fan seems to run and shut off when it should.
The soldering of this board is just horrible! Definitely some cold solder joints there.
Some overlap there too, but the old board looks similar with the overlap.

Thoughts about the cfan error?



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Is/are all the fans running/operating?
Might be a good idea to as Wild about this as is more versed with Samsung than I am.

Freezing Through Out Refrigerator Compartment.
This is a fast , easy and accurate way to check what is causing FOOD to freeze in refrigerator compartment. NOTE: This only applies to food freezing not defrost drains or water tanks.

  • Freezing in R-Room "refrigerator compartment" is caused by a Faulty Sensor or Main PCB
  • Before doing anything unplug unit for 10-15 seconds and plug back in.
  • This will allow actual temp to be displayed rather than Set Point temp.
  • Now is the time to manually check temp in R-room.
  • If display coincides with manual reading sensor is good replace Main PCB, if not replace sensor. NOTE: Avoid opening refrigerator door before powering unit down because R-Room air sensor is located in area of the light effecting the accuracy of your temeture readings.

Also, you may have a bad connection at either the new board or at the fan motor causing the Cfan error code.

View attachment RB195 RB215.pdf

Iam having same problem with c fan error. Freezer too cold and display temp is wrong. Bout new thermostats and thermal fuse without success. What to test next?
I had to buy a new motherboard. Knock on wood.... Its still working. My LCD display is hooped... But its all working correctly.
Hooped? In motherboard do you mean control panel. I was hoping not to do that but dont know what else,looks like alot of problems w these fridges and easy to put in new panel. Glad yours back on track.
Yes, sorry the main control board was replaced.
Fridge has been running properly since it was done.

If you've tried everything else, I would recommend it.
I was very hesitant at first, had my doubts, but it did solve my issues.

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