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FIXED Recently purchased counter depth KitchenAid Refrigerator KRSC700HBS00, ice maker not working.


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May 31, 2008
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Less than 1 year
We bought this fridge less than a year ago, and the ice maker & water dispenser have been working good once we plumbed in the lines for it, we have changed the water filter once since then.

Today I was getting some ice from it and noticed ice stopped coming out, so checked the ice storage bin and it was totally empty. Yesterday I had removed the bin to dump some ice in a bag, and it was full to the top.

I can tell there is ice in the little tray on top, but it is not dumping in. There is a white plastic arm that I assume is the ice level indicator that is up beside the ice tray, but I don't recall every seeing it in a down position. Since the ice storage tray is made to be easily removed in this model if that arm was down you would not be able to remove the tray, so I am a little confused what its purpose could be. If this isn't the full indicator, how does it know if it's full or not?

I pulled the tray out & let all the ice buildup melt away, turned off the ice maker and wiped away any ice build up I could see in the freezer door, the flipped the breaker for the fridge off for a good minute before turning it on, turned the icemaker back on but still no ice

The freezer temp is set at -18c, I put a thermometer in on the top shelf for about 5 minutes and the readout was -15c.

We have been having unusually hot weather (for northern Alberta) for the last week where out inside temps were often about 30c, but the fridge/freezer seem to have been working fine.

The water dispenser is still working fine.

This should be under warranty, but getting warranty work done on appliances up in this area is a challenge at best of times, so it possible I'd like to see if I can troubleshoot it myself.

Thanks in advance
Hi Glen, That arm on it is--->The bail arm. I'm attaching the documentation for it below--->(Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker.pdf).

The bail arm, and the internal feedback switch, checks if the ice bin is full.
The internal feedback switch helps determine if the ice bin is full and monitors motor shaft position.
The thermistor senses the temperature of the ice tray to determine if the water is frozen. (Below 8°F (-13°C) for Normal Ice, 5°F (-15°C) for Max Ice.

Here's the ice maker for your model:
W10873791 Ice Maker

NOTE: Always refer to the refrigerators Technical Data Sheet when servicing.
NOTE: It is necessary to enter Service Diagnostics to verify voltages for the Ice Maker.

Service Diagnostics
Functional checks of all components required for proper operation of the IM can be completed through Service Diagnostics. Refer to the Service sheet for the refrigerator for instructions on operating Service Diagnostics.
NOTE: Diagnostic Step 48 – Icemaker – Ice Bucket Detection Switch – Does Not Work

Troubleshooting Paths
Complete the preliminary checks prior to troubleshooting. Then proceed down the appropriate path.
Path 1 - If there is ice or water in the ice tray, proceed to Path 1.
Path 2 - If the ice tray is empty, or ice cubes are extremely small proceed to Path 2.
Path 3 – If Path 1 and 2 reveal no issues, proceed to Path 3.

--->Preliminary Checks start on Page 7--->(Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker.pdf)
--->Path 1 starts on Page 8--->(Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker.pdf)

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below too.



  • Training Pointer W10869036 - Sankyo Twist Tray Ice Maker (2).pdf
    1.1 MB · Views: 195
  • ServiceandWiringSheet-W10751694-RevA.pdf
    790.1 KB · Views: 156
Thanks Jake, very helpful as always.

It started working again, I turned the temp down to -22c on the freezer, so I don't know if that helped or not.

I think this icemaker just works real slow, I think perhaps our water pressure is not optimum for it. Overnight it has just filled the storage bin about 4/5 full, and I turned on Max Ice.

It is supposed to make 4.5 lbs a day, so I would have thought it would have filled the bin in the last 18-ish hours.
Sounds good Glen.

The water pressure should be between 30 and 120 psi. It produces around 3.5lbs of ice per day (4lbs per day if MAX ICE is enabled).

When the ICE BIN is empty--->The ice maker requires 2-3 days to fill the ice bin container.:)


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