Recommendations for a new dishwasher

Tyler H

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May 20, 2019
Our kitchenaid has been nothing but a hassle. Have loved a Bosch in the past. What is the most reliable to buy? I'm not against used. If 5 yr old xxx brand was great but new xxx brand is poor, then I'm happy with an older one.
Would consider shelling out more for a miele... but i seem to see a fair number of those for sale used, due to needing a part replacement.
I feel like a dishwasher needs a garburator and a strong drain pump, and 90 percent of issues could be avoided?
Looking forward to testimonials and recommendations!
I know Jake here has recommended Maytag in the past. May go that route but also looking for other input and to see if anything has changed.
I have no experience with Asko dishwashers or Bosch dishwashers, I've heard Bosch is a good dishwasher along with Maytag.:)

Let's see what others think too.
What do you know about the strength of drain pumps? Seems to me that is the problem I face most often - dishwasher not draining. Pump giving out, or lines getting clogged. How can I find who has the most powerful or reliable drain pumps?
That's a good question, but I don't know.

Very few issues with either drain pumps.

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