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Refrigerator MFI2569VEM1 not cooling, Evaporator frosted


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Apr 19, 2021
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6-10 years
I have a Maytag MFI2569VEM1 refrigerator. The fridge was no longer cooling freezer was working fine. I noticed the evaporator coils were icing over. Evaporator Fan appeared to be running normally. After defrosting the fridge everything ran normal for about 5 days and unsurprisingly the same thing happened with the fridge being warm and the evaporator coils were frosting over.

I have checked the defrost heater, it was at about 28 ohms so I believe it is good.

I then checked the defrost thermostat. It did not have continuity when room temperature. After leaving it in the freezer for aprox. 10 mins it had continuity so I believe it is good.

This brings me to the defrost timer which I believe would be the next thing to check. I was not able to locate it. Does anyone know where it would be and how I could go about testing one?



Corrected model number
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Hi Chris,

MFI2669VEM1 does not pull up as good, take a photo of your model number tag and upload it here please.

Ah, you are correct it's a MFI2569VEM1. Is there a way to change title and original post for clarity?




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Perfect Chris, thanks! I corrected it above for you.

On this model there is no defrost timer, the defrost circuit goes through the main control board. So if your defrost thermostat and defrost heater both ohm test good, then the only part left is the main control board that is the culprit.

Here's the main control board for your model:
WPW10310240 High Voltage Control Board

Here you get $60 cash back on your credit card when you return the old one:
Main Control Board WPW10310240

Thank you for your reply Jake. I just wanted to follow up with you and anyone else that could be running into this issue.

My wife had been wanting a new refrigerator anyways so this was just the excuse she needed :nightmare: Unfortunately I cannot confirm if replacing the main control board would have solved the issue. Appreciate the help Jake.


Chris Charba
Ok Chris, I understand getting a new refrigerator is best at this time, no worries.:)

Thanks for letting us know.:)


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