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refrigerator thermostat question


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Sep 16, 2010
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Recently replaced defrost timer - now freezer is at 0 degrees, frefrigerator will not go below 43 degrees even at max. Is this thermostat defective since temp control know only controls air flow i asusme thermostat temperature sensor is fixed at some predetermined termperature? Can you replace such a device with an accurate variable electronic control since it simply activates compressor. I see no way of adjusting temperature accurately - am i missing something?
Was the evaporator coil in the freezer all frosted up badly when you changed the defrost timer?

timer was next to compressor and damaged by water. it was a small coil with a mini motor that defrosts every 16 hours for up to 8 minutes - temp sensor overrides defrost cycle when temp hits 20 degrees or so - seems to work well

if compressor runs constantly freezer attains -25 degrees F.
thing that seems amazing to me is thermostat in fridge looks like it is a switch - either allowing compressor to run or not - only variability is temp damper that controls return air flow to freezer (very crude) cannot imagine how this can provide any type of efficient or accurate temp control. I was guessing thermostat was fixed at 35 degrees and air flow directed at sensor determines cutoff of compressor - simple but really a poor design.

My question is - is the thermostat fixed at a temp hence i have a bad thermostat if the fridge temp is too high? there is no other parts to replace. btw fridge has no food in it and nothing blocking any air flow.
thanks for your interest
thanks jake
this has the shaft missing -no knob
will just replace it
pix of part i should have found
thanks for your help again
btw do you ever replace these analog devices with a digital more accurate thermostat? if so any suggestions - i need to keep temp at 34-38 max for what i have in it
Nope, unfortunately not Joel, just use what the parts diagram calls for.:)


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