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Remove tub from washer?


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Jul 11, 2023
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Hi, I have a Maytag MVWX700XW1 washer. Grease was getting on our cloths from under the wash plate. Since the washer is 15+ YO, I planned to replace the gear case, which includes a new tub seal. There was metal hardware holding the tub in place. I bought a spanner wrench and removed the spanner nut. The other two pieces were so corroded, I had to break them to remove them. Anyway, I have removed all the hardware within the tub. Underneath, I removed everything from the existing gear case. My problem is, I can't get the tub out... The youtube video shows them wiggling it a little bit, and it pulls right up. I have tried pulling from the top, pulling on the existing gear case below, and sliding a pipe over the spindle and beating it to no avail... Either it's REALLY frozen in place or I'm doing something wrong...

We are about to throw in the towel and just get a new washer...

Has anyone come across a stuck tub on a Maytag top load washer?

(Another question for my knowledge... the grease that was on the bottom of the wash plate, was that from the tub seal or the gear case?)


Our bravos is somewhat similar. The wash tub was stuck- Tight!
After getting it off, I found that lime build up was the "glue" that caused the problem.

Vinegar may help. I've noticed that in things like washing machines that carry water, lime builds up and causes press-fit parts to stick very tightly together. Vinegar will dissolve the lime because it's acidic and the lime is alkaline.

Not wanting to use penetrating oil for fear of lingering odors transferring to clothes later, I got a syringe and squirted white vinegar all around the spindle (not sure that's the correct term). I tapped gently a few times to set up vibration.

It took over the night before the tub was loose & lifted out. Note that the tub, if it is like ours, has a water jacket that has permanent liquid in it. I think it's ballast. The tub is rather heavy.

If it's rust causing the problem, vinegar may still be a good option. Sometimes on rusted bolts, I'll use vinegar and baking soda so the resultant bubbles will foam their way into the seam. After the bubbling stops, another squirt of vinegar will continue the loosening process.

If these fail, perhaps heating the area with a heat gun (being careful not to melt plastic parts) may cause enough expansion to break the bond.

When you re-install, put some Anti Seize paste on the spindle. Next time the tub will lift off easily. You can get it a many hardware stores and auto parts stores. A typical brand name is Never-Seeze. Don't put so much that it will squish out & get inside the tub and eventually on the clothing. I also put it on the bolt's threads.

I last had the washer's tub out several years ago and during his week's repair, it lifted right off because of the anti seize. (The Bravos is quite a high maintenance appliance.)

I hope this helps and you get the tub out without too much grief.

Enjoy Today!

PS: I don't know enough about washing machines to reply to your second question about the source of the grease. Is it possible that the grease is really deteriorated rubber from the seal? (Just guessing)
Thanks Paul. I tried soaking it in 'CLR'. I've noticed alot of lime build up on the hardware I had to break off... :) I didn't try heat... (I think anything that causes the plastic to expand ever so slightly might break the lime bond...)
Anyway... I threw in the towel... After messing with it for 3 days, if I damaged the tub, I'd have about as much into this as buying new... so we just bought new (and I'll send the gear case and the new spanner hardware back.)
Congratulations On Your Machine!
Sometimes starting over is the wisest decision of all. (Our Bravos machines are each about one more breakdown away from the recycling yard.)

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