Rental of 1947 Refrigerator and Stove Wanted


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Jun 29, 2022
HI. I’m setting up a model apartment in Sty Town to be like when it was first constructed. I need two sets of 1947 stove and refrigerator….preferably that works. Wiling to rent. Needed for no more than 6 months. Please let me know if you are interested, send pics and name your price.
I believe most ranges that people would retain of that age would be gas ranges. Are there gas hookups where they're to be installed?

You can check with some of the appliance restoration companies at this link. While I don't know if they're in that area or they'd rent anything, they might know someone closer you can contact.

LINK > Appliance411 : Links : Restoration

Dan O.
Thank you for the help! Yes I’ve found some and yes, I do have a gas hookup.
Question: If I were to compare a restored stove with a current stove would I see any energy efficiency? I’m being asked to do this but I think it is a faulty experiement because most “restorations” have new components which would bring the product more current…..not completely but partially. Is this an accurate assessment?
It depends on the restoration done. Some total fridge restorations include the refrigeration system which might be more efficient but in most cases the simple design of refrigerators back then didn't use close to as much power what modern frost-free fridges do. In many cases the "restoration" just includes cosmetic fixes and not 'upgrades' to the appliance itself

There would usually be minimal difference in gas usage of a range although older gas models likely have a standing pilot that burns all the time. That uses minimal amounts of gas and likely wouldn't be noticeable.

BTW. There are also some 'retro look' appliances that might give the idea of age without actually being old.

Dan O.

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