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Replaced bearings, seal, and shaft, washer still not working properly. Help!


Sep 9, 2023
Model Number
6-10 years
Let’s start from the beginning. My Maytag Bravos needed the bearings and seal replaced, was throwing code f51 and leaking water under rotor and stator and sounded like a jet engine taking off. Had no other codes being thrown or any other problems. Anyway, got washer took apart and cleaned out. Top bearing had rusted and broken apart so the outer race was stuck and had to be cut out of the recessed area. After that fiasco, the real work could begin on replacing the bearings and seal. Was pretty straight forward, everything was turning smoothly and lined up properly but noticed I didn’t have any extra threads sticking out on the bottom of the shaft after putting the nut on, like repair video said there would be but didn’t think much of it at this point. Next, Putting in the seal was a task and not as simple as tapping it in with the pvc pipe included in the kit. Eventually got that in place and tested to make sure everything still turned smoothly but now with the seal in, the shaft was hard to turn. Like, needed 2 hands to turn. At this point I thought something had to be wrong so I took the seal and shaft back out, re examined my bearings, spacer and washer placement but everything is perfect and pressed at tight as can be. So I examine the new shaft next to the old one and see that the silver part that’s supposed to sit flush on the top bearing is about an 1/8 inch lower than the original, which would be the cause behind why I had no extra threads sticking out past the bottom shaft nut. Nothing I can do about that so I continue with re assembly, making sure I follow the video to a T. Everything is going good and turning smoothly again until I put the seal in. Again, it won’t turn easily after I put the seal in again so I’m at a loss and let the seal glue dry and today I continued with putting the tub back together and running a test cycle, with no soap or laundry, just to see if it would work. It had a little trouble to begin with wanting to turn but eventually took off and I thought all was well but it Would get to a certain point in the cycle and just stop. So turned it to drain and spin, same thing happened. Would get to 12 minute mark and just freeze and not continue. So turned it to self clean option and thought it was going to work, then it threw code 5d, which is to do with suds (weren’t any in tub) or drain pump clogged( which it wasn’t because I checked both circulator and drain before reassembling due to pennies breaking drain pump 3 months ago and needing replaced) and it was also draining water so not clogged. At this point I’m at a loss and dont understand what’s going on. Is all this happening because the shaft being an 1/8 inch off or the seal being too tight? This kit was made for this washer so how can it not be right? I’m Thinking about replacing new shaft with old shaft to see if that helps. Just wanting to know if anyone else has had this experience and what you did to fix it. Really hoping to avoid buying a new washer. TIA!

Pictures included are of bearings and spacer alignment, bottom of shaft threads, old and new shaft difference, inside tub showing how that piece sits 1/8 inch too high due to shaft and video showing alignment. Also included parts bought along with parts # and list showing compatible


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