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RF170WDLUX5N Fisher/Paykel refrigerator noise after using water dispenser


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Mar 28, 2015
long island new york
Model Number
Less than 1 year
My contractor installed a Fisher/Paykel refrigerator with the water dispenser (RF170WDLUX5N ) It has the external water filter mounted above the refrigerator. It worked well for approx. 8 weeks but now when I dispense water, there is a loud banging noise from behind the refrigerator. I can see the water hoses that go from the filter to the refrigerator and one of the hoses vibrates each time the dispenser is used and this is the noise.

The water line is tapped off the cold water line the sink. This line is fixed and is not a problem. There is no separate shutoff installed.. One shutoff valve controls both the water line and the kitchen faucet and this valve is full open. I cannot pull the refrigerator and mount the vibrating line because then you could not move the refrigerator. Any ideas why this is suddenly happening? Thanks
Thanks. That sounds like the cause .I spoke to the contractor that did the renovation and he will have the plumber evaluate the situation.
Will let you know the outcome.

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