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FIXED RF260BEAESR/AA 05 Samsung Refrigerator Water to Ice Maker Runs Continuously


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Apr 23, 2023
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1-5 years
Bottom ice maker only French door model ( no water/ ice dispenser). Got fridge used from a friend and told it has never been hooked up to water. Fridge was completely warm and unplugged for several days before being hooked up and plugged in at our house.

Everything cooled to selected temp and seems to be functioning fine except when we turned on water supply to ice maker the water will not stop flowing, and puddles in bottom of freezer. Turned off water and ice maker and let fridge sit for hour to make sure it was cooling correctly. Temps held steady and water in ice maker is frozen.

Guessing the water inlet valve is behind the filter because we looked behind all the rear panels and it wasn’t there. Plan to try a new filter before tearing into the filter housing. House psi is 50 and previous fridge ice maker never had an issue (GE side-by-side with water dispenser). Any suggestions on how to proceed? The water steadily running makes testing the ice maker impossible and not sure if running it with the water off is a good idea. Thanks for any advice!
Hi, Turn the water back on, then unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet, if the water still keeps flowing with the refrigerator unplugged, then your water inlet valve is the culprit.

The water inlet valve is located inside the filter housing case:
Samsung DA97-12663A Assy Case-Filter Tank
Thank you Jake. We did what you suggested and water continued to flow. Will order the part and see if that does the trick. I appreciate you taking the time to help! I will post a follow-up once we get the part replaced.
Ok, then yes the new water inlet valve(aka Assy Case-Filter Tank) should fix it.:)

Yes, let us know how it goes.
The new inlet valve (assy case/filter tank) did the trick👍 Thank you again for the assistance Jake!
Excellent, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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