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RF263AEWP/XAA- Samsung French Drawer Ice Maker Stopped Working After Replacing RO Filters


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Jul 14, 2023
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More than 10 years
After replacing the filters on our RO system the Samsung ice maker stopped making ice. Not sure if the filter replacement started the problem. I checked the water line coming from the RO system by disconnecting the line at the joint going into the Samsung and the water came our forcible from the RO Tank. There are some great videos on U-Tube showing this ice making system and how to replace parts or the entire ice maker. I'm hoping its a part.
I have both unplugged the refrigerator for two minutes; NO RESULTS. I then pressed the TEST BUTTON on the bottom of the ice maker, holding it for several seconds. I hear the ice maker reacting , with the ice tray rotating but no ice dropped, BUT, the ice maker ARM only dropped but a few inches and returns to its upper position, each time I pushed the Test Button.
So, would turning the power off to the ice maker and warming it up be a solution, OR maybe replace the dropped down arm that doesn't descend all the way when the Test Button is pressed. Maybe replacing the ice maker itself is the only solution. Appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks
So, I unplugged my refrigerator after emptying everything in the lower freezer. I placed a small space heater in the bottom of the freezer and closed the door. Turned on the heater for 2 hours. Removed the heater, plugged the refrigerator back in. Let it sit fore an hour then I pressed the reset button under the ice maker and an hour later I had ice........

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