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RF27M8070 Freezer Not Working, Fridge and Icemaker Fine


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Aug 6, 2023
United States
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6-10 years
Hi there,

I have a Samsung RF27M8070 French Door with Freezer Drawer model that has a strange issue. The Freezer says it's at -5F but an analog thermometer shows it's really just at the Fridge temp (38F). The fridge and ice maker work totally fine, though. Some steps I've tried:

* I power-cycled the device, at which point the temperature readout of the Freezer 'catches up' and reports an accurate 38F. It'll run for a while and eventually just display -5F again.
* I've cleaned the coils and everything behind the fridge, it' wasn't overly dirty
* I've unpowered the unit and let it sit for a few days to see if it had frost buildup (there wasn't any that I could tell)
* I've moved the unit out to see if it benefitted from more airflow (it didn't help much).
* I tested the temp sensor attached to the freezer coil and it seemed ok (5.5Kohm @ ~75F). I don't know how where the sensor leads start for the other temp sensors in the unit.

Most technicians I've spoken to say it just must be something with the sealed system. However, I'm a little confused how a unit with a single compressor could have the fridge work but not the freezer.

I'd love to do more troubleshooting before calling this unit quits but I don't have a service manual. Any ideas on what else to try?

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