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FIXED RF28HFEDTSR Fridge freezing temp not correct with display

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Aug 30, 2017
north carolina
Model Number
> my model # is RF28HFEDTSR/AA now the sticker outside the frige has a 09 below the AA ( is this a version ??)
> I am trying to find a good schematics and parts list for this model.
> My current issue is the fridge is freezing items the temperature is 12 degrees difference from display. MY guess it is the temp sensor or the control board. I pulled the back cover off the evaporator and the coild look fine no frost, the fan is operational and no error code.
I was able to find a temp sensor DA-3200011c not sure if this is correct. any help thanks
Thanks, the user manual is not much help. Thanks Im gonna look better for the tech data sheets. Thanks for our time and info.
Ok, sounds good.

Replace the temp sensor. The old one I took out I put in a cup of ice water so the temp was 33f and the sensor stayed at 11 k ohms. Is this correct
I looked again for the tech sheet
I'm guess I didn't get one. Since I can't find a schemadic. I'm guessing the next part would be the main controll board?
Since I don't have the tech. data sheet I don't know what the normal ohms would be in a glass of ice water.

The control board DA92-00593G is No Longer Available.

Day three. issues has been resolved. Three other sites had a data sheet with different readings. Either way the old sensor was bad. And im still looking for tech sheet.. thanks for your help.
Ok, so its back to normal now that you replaced it?

Excellent, glad to hear that.:)

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