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FIXED RF28JBEDBSR Samsung: Freezer Light only works with Flexzone Drawer Open 1"


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Feb 27, 2023
Los Angeles
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1-5 years
The freezer light works (and properly) only when the Flex Zone drawer is open about 1".
If the FlexZone drawer is open less than / wider than -- the 1", the freezer light does not work
Looks like I'm not an isolated issue.
The inquiry in the Factory Community was "solved" by directing them to factory repair. Ummm... not much of a solution to me.
I'm determined to figure this out.....

04-28-2022 10:37 AM in
Kitchen and Family Hub

Hello, I have a Samsung rf28jbedbsr fridge and when you open the freezer drawer the light does not come on. I've tried replacing the LED light board, as well as the freezer drawer reed switch and it still doesnt work.
What is concerning is, if I open the flexzone door slightly (flexzone is the drawer right above the freezer drawer) the freezer light will pop on for a second and turn off. It makes me think the issue is within the flexzone drawer switch or somewhere else, on the main circuit board or something. So I know the freezer drawer actual light works, but something strange is going on.
**The freezer door led light is actually housed in the bottom of the flexzone drawer, if that makes sense.
I would help you, but I have no clue on the answer to this problem.

Hopefully another tech. or member that's seen and fixed this problem can shed some light on it for us.
Maybe some frayed/broken wires?
Thank you Jake & Robert4, yes - it was a frayed wire. I fixed it earlier this morning.
In the flex zone drawer slider. It was two cut wires (among 8) and it would connect when flexed when the flex zone zone drawer was open about an inch or so and disconnect when the drawer was opened further. The Off/On/Off tripped me up - a clean break would have helped my troubleshooting.
For others searching, remove the right slider of the flex zone drawer and bench repair. Here's a picture: the break is where the cylindrical plastic cover is over the wires to prevent them from popping out of the gap in the rail. Bending the wires like a paper clip a 1,000 times and it breaks.
The cover is removed from the wires for illustration and stands vertically for the picture.


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Excellent, good find.(y)

Thanks for the update and the added information you posted too!

Thanks for helping @Robert4 :)
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