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FIXED RF28R7201DT SAMSUNG Refrigerator VERY low flow on thru-the-door water dispenser


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Apr 5, 2017
North Carolina
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1-5 years
Water dispenser was working just fine, then suddenly started experiencing incredibly low-flow on the through-the-door dispenser. Water comes out, but at the diameter of a small pencil lead. The ice maker seems to continue working/dispensing just fine. We had a municipal water issue a couple of months ago, but well before these symptoms showed up. I have (today, Feb 16th 2023) replaced the water filter, and, tried with the filter removed, bypassing the filter. Same thing. Any suggestions very much appreciated.
Usually the problem is the water filter housing that has gone bad.

Here's the water filter housing assembly for your model: A/s Assy-Case Water FILTER;AW3 F/L,DA97- DA82-02870A

I've not replaced this part myself as of yet, but this video below should give you the general idea of how to do it:

Thank you for this response, Jake. Very helpful. I'm off to see if there is any warranty left (installed in Feb 2021) as this looks like it's going to be over my skill level.
Yes, I agree, if its still under warranty, have the warranty company come out to do it for free.:)
Just an update, Jake, I let a bone-head thing happen. The refrigerator got pushed back against the braided flex hose, kinking it just enough to cause the problem. Pulled out the fridge, spotted the problem, everything is fine now. Thanks again for your help as always!!
Sounds good, glad you found that was the problem.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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