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RF28R7351SGAA Samsung Refrigerator - Refrigerant Leak


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Oct 21, 2020
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This might be wrong forum to pose my question, but I will try - in the hopes of seeking answers. If this is not the right forum. Please be so kind to suggest another.

I recently purchased a Samsung refrigerator (from a scratch/dent store) and we are not sure if it is leaking its R-600a refrigerant. I and my youngest child experience multiple symptoms when it is plugged in, but do not experience them when it is not plugged in and after we have aired out the house.

Some history:
We recently replaced an old refrigerator that was unknowingly leaking for a long time (as I experienced some symptoms for quite some time) which ultimately left to it leaving a brown sticky fluid on the floor - notifying us that there was something wrong with the old fridge. Before this visual trigger we had no idea why we had the symptoms & I saw multiple doctors - thinking it was something biological. We used a small college fridge for several weeks after removing the old fridge - during this time symptoms slowing went away . . . . until the purchase of the Samsung refrigerator. Experienced symptoms are rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulty, a feeling of being spacy or drowsy, headache (son), and drainage in throat (sons). I have viewed the Safety Data Sheet for R-600 and many of these symptoms are similar to the ones listed. I must add that other individuals in the house do not have symptoms. Also with the old refrigerator my son/daughter experienced nose bleeds & I experienced ringing in the ear (I'm thinking due to the over exposure over a long period of time) as well. We currently have the refrigerator in the home unplugged and have scheduled for a repairman to assess the fridge.

Has anyone every heard anything similar to what I am describing?
How would a person confirm if they are sensitive (or allergic) to refrigerant? I am thinking due to the long-term exposure that I have become ultra sensitive to the slightest exposure to refrigerant -then I would be if I was not exposed for so long. Is that possible?
Do ALL refrigerators leak - even if it is a very slight mild leak?
Would a small college fridge emit such a very small leak (as compared to a larger fridge) that it would very un-noticeable even to a sensitive person?

We would appreciate any assistance!! Thank you!


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Jul 11, 2006
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Let me start here, R600 is Isobutane and is non toxic. Because it's a flammable gas, systems with R600 cannot be serviced. Not all refrigerators leak refrigerant. However, over time it's possible for a refrigerator to develop a leak although it's not common.
Would a small college fridge emit such a very small leak (as compared to a larger fridge) that it would very un-noticeable even to a sensitive person?
A leak is a leak, is a leak. I've never known anyone to have a medical reaction to a refrigerant leak since it's all non toxic. Most of the chemicals you find in refrigerant are also in other household products.