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RF30HBEDBSR refrigerator not cooling, flex drawer and freezer work


Jan 23, 2023
Washington NC
Model Number
6-10 years
I moved and the movers took apart the fridge to get it out of the house, it sat in storage for about six months before we moved again. I have put it back together again, after replacing the parts that went missing. The fridge will not cool, temp shows 77 degrees. Freezer and flex zone drawer work just fine.
1. There is an extra piece on the top of the fridge that I can't figure out what it plugs into. Can someone with this fridge post a pic of the top of the fridge with the cover off?
2. I don't hear a compressor running for the fridge. Also there is no air coming from the vents on the right side of the fridge, only the left. I'm guessing two compressors? One for fridge and one for freezer? if so, fridge one is not running.
My guess is bad compressor or bad converter board, unless I've got the plugs on top configured wrong and need to do something with the leftover one.

Have not tried to get ice maker and water working yet, so I do not know if there are any problems with those.

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