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RF34H9960S4 Samsung Refrigerator Water dispenser issues.


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Nov 29, 2021
Model Number
6-10 years
Chef Collection 4 door Refrigerator. Model# RF34H9960S4

This fridge is almost 7 years old and already has been fixed few times under extended warranty.
1) Ice Maker replaced - freezing up (2 years ago)
2) front door control panel replaced (Not dispensing ice, not switching modes between carbonated water and ice dispensing)

So now to today's issue. When we moved into the house, to get it done quickly I used compression fitting to get things going. For all this time we had a very poor water flow which I contributed to the style of fitting that I used, but it worked. Last week I got ambitious and got proper fittings and reconnected water using proper fitting. Now I don't get any water flow from water dispenser. I still get ice and I still get carbonated water which are both fed from the Same water line. I checked water flow from new fitting - it's very good. Carbonated water flow is good but seems like there is less of water available per filling. Ice cubes are normal size. However regular water - I get 2 3 drops then nothing.

I tried running without filter - no changes in behavior (I did install new Samsung filter just in case and I did reinstall old one, no change. Using new one now) I did check for any kinks leading to the fridge but getting carbonated water and ice and not regular water I'm thinking something internal. When I press the water paddle, I hear solenoid firing and going, I get 2 drops then nothing.

Any ideas appreciated. (Fixing it for now. what brand to buy next later)
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