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RF4287HARS/XAA-01 Samsung Display No Response/ Compressor & Fans Off/ Interior Lights Off. 120v Check


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Feb 23, 2022
Gainesville FL
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Hi I’m trying to find out why this fridge won’t cut on. There is 120 volts at the buss fuse on the noise filter and also 120 volts at the buss fuse located on the inverter board. I replaced the inverter board anyways. No changes occurred. I replaced the display control part with the dispenser assembly as a whole. No changes occurred. I then bought the main PCB, yet I got the wrong one. It was the main PCB for RF4287HARS/XAA version 0000. Mine isRF4287HARS/XAA version 0001. Every connection was available on the wrong pcb I ordered except for one red connector right in the middle of the correct board, which was nonexistent on the incorrect board. So for curiosity, I still connected all the connections and just left the one red connector hanging.(It was leading from the inverter board and was supposed to connect to the middle area of the main pcb.) Like I said, I ordered the wrong part so there was no connection for this one connector. I had hoped to at least get some kind of response at the front or with the interior lights, or with the compressor and fans, even with that one connector not connected. But, no changes occurred. All of these parts are being ordered brand new from Marcone Supply in Jacksonville and are non refundable after I install them. So, I’m debating wether I should order the correct Main PCB and try that as well. But I’d like to ask here first, what is the normal cause of this symptom?
Your getting the correct 120 volts, so it has to be main control board.

Models RF4287HARS/XAA-0001 and RF4287HARS/XAA-0002 and RF4287HARS/XAA-0003 use this main PCB:

This video gives you the general idea of how to replace the main PCB:

Well Jake, I appreciate your time and advice. That’s what I was hoping to hear. I’ve already ordered the correct main pcb and I’ve got my fingers crossed. I will respond tomorrow with the outcome.
Ok, sounds good. Yes, keep us posted.
Hi Jake. I just installed the new (correct) main PCB from Marcone Supply, part # DA92-00233D and I plugged the fridge up. No changes occurred. I still have 120v at both buss fuses but no compressor running, no fans running, no display at the front, no response from the buttons, no interior lights… any ideas?
…just adding to some of the things I’ve tried as well, I’ve tested for 120v at all of the bottom connectors on the main board and i get the 120v… but all around the fridge at the dc parts (like the condenser fan and the front display) I am getting 0volts “dc” but I still always get 90volts “ac” if I put one lead on the case of the fridge and the other lead on any dc pins… I get 0 volts dc no matter what pins I’m testing across when testing from pin to pin on any one connector, that is for every dc connector and dc part I tested.

I also tested the connector which comes out the bottom and goes to the compressor. Oddly that was giving 120volts ac. I thought these compressors ran on dc voltage? But still, since the 120volts is coming through to the compressor, then why am I not getting any amp draw from the compressor during an amp draw test? The compressor is not even trying to begin a start up, but is getting 120volts?

Am I doing something wrong? But I am pretty sure 120v should not be coming through to this type of compressor. Am I wrong about that? Any advice is much appreciated!
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It sounds like you have a broken or shorted wire then.

I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below, on page 7 check all your AC and DC voltages on the main control board.

Then on Page 8 is the main control board schematic.


  • RF4287HA Fast Track Trouble Shooting.pdf
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Ok, sounds good, let us know what you find.
Well Jake, while the service data sheet is somewhat helpful, I believe it is for version 0000. I have version 0001 so there are quite a few differences when comparing the main pcb and the inverter boards for these versions. It seems my version, 0001, also has a noise filter which is not included in version 0000. Also, my version has a capacitor before the noise filter. I can use this service sheet to do some specific testing still. However, if you have access to the data sheet for version 0001, I think I would be much better off using those flow charts. I have navigated all around the refrigerator to every accessible area, inspection wires for damage, shorts or breaks. I could find nothing out of the norm. Either way, if the data sheet for version 0001 is unavailable, I do appreciate your help anyways.
Hi, thanks for the tech data sheet BigBuck. It does include the wiring diagram for version 0001 and I can some more accurate voltage checks now. Looking at the diagram I think I understand now why the linear compressor receives 120volts ac, it seems that is just for the overload protection device, while the actual compressor itself does indeed run on the black blue and purple wires and should be direct current, though I’m not 100% positive bcus the wiring schematic doesn’t say what kind of voltage is supplied to the compressor, whether dc or ac… I will run some voltage checks all around and reply back with what I find.. hopefully I can run the problem down with the schematic and solve this before my next response. Be back soon…
I just installed the new (correct) main PCB from Marcone Supply, part # DA92-00233D and I plugged the fridge up. No changes occurred. I still have 120v at both buss fuses but no compressor running, no fans running, no display at the front, no response from the buttons, no interior lights… any ideas?
Something seems odd, because you should be getting interior lights even if nothing else works.

On the main control board--->CN78 Lighting and Sensors--->Did you check the voltages there yet?

Then CN50--->Display--->Did you check the voltages there yet?
Hi I apologize for the delays in response. Unfortunately, this customer chose to buy a new refrigerator, understandably. But, we’re not able to return to finish diagnostics.
No worries, thanks for the update.:)
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