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FIXED RF4287HARS/XAA is Freezing Food in Refrigerator and Water/Ice is not coming out of the dispenser in front of the fridge


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Apr 14, 2023
Mount Holly, NC
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6-10 years
Hi All,

We received an RF4287HARS/XAA Samsung refrigerator from my parents as a gift. The refrigerator was working perfectly fine prior to moving it into our home.

Once we moved it, we had an error code stating something was wrong with the fan. I replaced it and we were still experiencing issues. The refrigerator was not cooling and the fan would not turn on. We called a technician and we were told we needed to replace the control board.

This board was purchased by the repair company: DA41-00684A

However, we have an older model and actually need this one: DA92-00233D

The repair man ended up melting the red piece that was missing onto the wrong board DA41-00684A. Please reference the red part in the attached photo.

Now, the fan is working, BUT the refrigerator is freezing our food. The freezer is working fine.

Could this be caused by using the wrong board or is this a separate issue? Could this also cause the water and ice to not dispense?

Please let me know if I need tp clarify any information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Ok, It's possibly the refrigerator temperature sensor(aka thermistor).

To ohm test it--->Make an ice slurry. To do this, fill a cup with ice (preferably crushed), then add water and a teaspoon of salt to make a slush. Mix thoroughly and allow to sit for 2 to 3 minutes. This will give you a 32°F reference. Now, lower the thermistor into the mixture and leave for about 1 minute, then check the resistance. It should be very close to 13,300Ω. Before reinstalling the sensor, be sure to rinse it with fresh water and dry it.

Here it is for your model:
Thermistor DA32-00033C

This video shows you how to access it:

Hi Jake,

Thank you for the help! I just tested it in cold ice water and it was reading 13.1 when set at 20ohms. So it sounds like it is working correctly.
That's odd, That's all I know that would cause this issue.

Hopefully another tech or member that's seen this problem and fixed it can shed some light on this issue.
Jake it actually is working now! We just had to give it a few days to adjust! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I did have one last question. Is this the correct auger motor assembly for our unit? Assy Case-Auger Motor DA97-05246G

I don't want to have the same issue as the control board since we do have the older unit.

This board was purchased by the repair company: DA41-00684A However, we have an older model and actually need this one: DA92-00233D
JAKE! You are AMAZING. Thank you so much for all your help. Next time, I know just to pop on here instead of hiring a repair company.

Thanks Again,

Thanks Hannah, glad to help.(y)

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