Rheem Guardian Water Heater Stopped Working (Again)


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Jul 26, 2012
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Tonight our Rheem Guardian Everkleen 22v40f1 stopped heating the water and we saw the pilot light was out. The gas line is fine (our gas furnace is working just fine and there's no blockage) and we've cleaned the dust out from the whole burner assembly area just in case, and tapped out any ash that had accumulated (didn't look like much, if any) but that didn't help.

When we try to light it, there was no flame at all. The spark is generating fine.

Any idea what we can do to figure out what part has gone bad? Thanks!

PS I had to put a fake brand in the tags because this wouldn't post otherwise. This isn't a "Wards" it's a Rheem but there wasn't an option for that. Hope that doesn't cause a problem.
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Just wanted to update that hours after we did a bunch of troubleshooting, my husband informed me that there was a water leak from the bottom of the water heater. Would have been simpler if he'd said that from the beginning! This was a 12-year water heater and today is 12 years and 2 days from when it was installed, so we're just going to get a new one.

We're doing our own installation so it's possible I might be back! Thanks though, sorry for the trouble.
Thanks for the update!

Yes, come back if you have trouble installing the new one.

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