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FIXED Rheem Heat pump makes repetitive klunk/spark sound


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Aug 9, 2022
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Classic IX
More than 10 years
Hi - our heat pump is making a repetitive klunk/spark sound about every second. Seems to be coming from the body of the unit, I haven’t yet been able to narrow it down. Sounds like a relay?? Seems to be functioning fine in heat mode. What to check/do? Thx


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Yes, it sounds like a relay clicking. I'm not a HVAC tech, so hopefully a HVAC tech that comes here can help you pinpoint it.

Other than that its best to contact a Rheem HVAC repair company in your area to come out to pinpoint it.
Minor update - I removed the corner panel to expose the wiring. The sound is not coming from the contactor, it seems to be fine. The noise is more from the inside of the unit and is repetitive, occurring about every second.
That is odd, I don't know what it could be.
To close this out, I had a tech come out and it was diagnosed as a failing defrost relay. Part is on order.
Thanks for letting us know that.(y)

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