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RM255BARB Samsung fridge not cooling


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Feb 27, 2023
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More than 10 years
Samsung Model: RM255BARB
I bought house 2yrs ago, this fridge came with it. 2 months ago, the ice maker stopped working automatically. The "manual" button worked, it dumped ice, and refilled but not automatically. A month later, the freezer side slowly began to warm up beyond freezing. Fridge side worked normally for 2 weeks. So I come home from a 14hr shift at 8pm, and the water dispenser was running, dumping water into my hour all day. Flooded 3 floors, huge mess, fun fun.
So the display shown in 2nd pic looks normal. The day of tragedy the display was flashing, blinking, and beeping. To me, the errors I had were electrical and not mechanical. I replaced the main board and everything worked ok, except for the actually cooling of freezer and fridge. Can I start the condenser manually? Anything else suggested?


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Is the compressor running or not running? You can put your hand on it and feel it for heat and vibration.

Is the condenser fan motor running? Its mounted next to your compressor. In your photo it looks to be running, good.:)

I posted your service manual here:

It's possibly a bad compressor start relay(in your 4th photo) unplug the refrigerator and remove the plastic cover that covers it first, then its mounted on the side of the compressor, Then remove the wires from it, make sure you mark down on paper where the wires go to it first, then shake it and see if rattles inside of it, if so that's the problem.

You can also use a multimeter and ohm test it. Just put your two meter leads in each parallel hole on it and your meter should read between 3-12 ohms.

Here's the compressor start relay for this model, if needed:
DA35-00099G Relay Ptc
Thank you for the quick reply.
The compressor feels warm and the fan next to is running.

I took the relay off; it had been overheated as it was a little yellowed on the spade connectors. I checked continuity between the 3 posts and it beeped. I'll check resistance later tonight, and probably replace the start relay.
Ok, also ohm test the compressor overload, we explain how to do that in this thread post:

Here's the compressor overload for your model:
Thank you for the replies!

I used my DMM to ohm the compressor, and my values were within the limits you posted ^^^ thank you

I already dumped >$100 into w/new themistor, temp probe, and main board. $65 start relay maybe?


The highlight green shows the compressor leaked in the past, I have no idea how long ago.

I'll try the steps for start relay you posted, thanks again.
Ok, yes I see.

Yes, keep us posted.
I received the wrong starter relay the first time, last night I tried the correct. Compressor and everything operates, except it doesnt cool. I'm just going to junk it. Thanks for the advice previously.
You're welcome!
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