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Roper washer won't spin

very noisy dryer

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Oct 22, 2007
Someone please help me so that I can wash all of my kids dirty soccer clothes before I actually have a wet soggy mountain building in my laundry room :) My washer decided to stop spinning last night. It seems to go through all of the cycles with water coming in and draining out as required, it seems to agitate and everything sounds as if it is operating just fine. The lid makes a nice click noise when I close it which makes me think that the lid sensor is fine. HOWEVER, when it supposedly is finished all of the clothes are still dripping wet piled in the bottom of the tub. I have read lots of the other posts and have peeked under my lid (the whole 1 inch before it realizes that it is open and stops everything) while it is in operation - although the machine is even vibrating, agitating and making all of the correct sounds I have noticed that the tub itself is not moving at all during the whole cycle - is this a clue? Also, last night when it decided to be a problem, I did notice a very slight burning odor. Any help that can be provided before my husband returns from camping and increases my washing load is very much appreciated!!! p.s. the model number on the washer is Roper (by Whirlpool) RTW4340SQ0; and the tag that came with it when I bought it less than 2 years ago says the model number is V61A1L7C(3B). Thanks again!


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Aug 24, 2004
McMullen Valley, Arizona