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RS277ACPN Samsung Refrigerator fuse blown


Oct 3, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
My RS277ACPN refrigerator just completely shut down. I pulled the board and found the fuse to be blown. I replaced it and blew again, so i disconnected all the harnesses connected to the board and fuse still blew.. so now i know the fault is somewhere on the board. I inspected the board and found a burn mark on the transistor thats mounted on a heat sink. The markings on the transistor is TOP223YN. I ordered a replacement, and now fuse doesnt blow anymore but still no power anywhere.

The schematics on the sticker drawing is very blurry so im diagnosing blindly (sort of)... I start tracing out from the incoming 115VAC in, through the noise filter, and the first device is a Bridge Rectifier, i get 118VAC in, and im getting 109VDC out, so that looks to be good. From there it goes on to some diodes and caps, and a transformer labeled DA26-00004A, I am not getting an output reading from this transformer, and I am having problems locating a vendor who has this in stock... Anyone have suggestions on where to locate this? Or am I even on the right track here?
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