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RSG257AARS/XAA Not cooling after power failure


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Jun 21, 2008
San Francisco
Model Number
6-10 years
We had a power failure in our city for about 6 hours. After power was restored my fridge/freezer will not cool down enough to be usable. The power is on, the unit is running but not getting colder. I tried all of the power reset options, unplugged it for over 5 minutes, reset the panel, tried the power freeze and power cool. It's still staying around 50 degrees. The compressor (black tank in the back) seems to be running and extremely hot. The fan that cools the compressor is running. I cannot feel any air coming out of the opening inside of the fridge or freezer (but can't remember if you can when it's running properly). I'm not sure what to check next. This thing was running perfectly until this power outage.

Side note, my furnace is also running but not making heat so working on that one as well.

Thanks in advance for you help. You have all saved me thousands in repairs in the past. Hopefully I can figure this one out.
Hi Scott,

The compressor (black tank in the back) seems to be running and extremely hot.
That's usually a sign the compressor went out internally. I've seen power outages cause this issue in my area too for my customers.
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