Rusting washer exterior putting stains on clothes

Miri Richards

Jan 3, 2017
I have a Kenmore 400 washer dryer pair purchased at same time in August 2010. The electric dryer continues to work fine. It's the washer that is the problem. Five months ago while I was pulling out a load of freshly washed clothes to be put into dryer, I found one of my Land's End button down shirt had three very distinct reddish brown gray spots on the back of the shirt.

Perplexed, I immediately treated it with Resolve stain remover only to realize the stain was permanent- clearly an oxidized rust stain more than likely from the holes in the washer since the stains were round in same size as the water holes in the washer. Fast fwd to yesterday- another shirt, this one a nylon white long sleeved Nike shirt with a very orangish round stain on the body of the shirt and very easy to see after removing it from the washer. I called Sears and they seem not to care to do anything about it. I don't use fabric softener.

It is becoming clear to me that this Kenmore was not made to last since it is not fully stainless steel manufactured and somehow water is leaking into the exterior.bottom of the tub and sitting, rusting out the non-treated metal below the tub and then injecting rusted sitting water when the washer is used again. This is completely unsatisfactory. Worse, there is no way to fix a metal compromised rusting surface. Shame on Sears (Whirlpool)... nothing is made to last longer than five years anymore. They want you to buy buy buy buy.

Terrible way to treat your customers and do business. No thanks.