Said Goodbye to Maytag W&D - after 23 years!


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Mar 8, 2008
Los Angeles area
Well... the washer finally gave its swan song.

After 23 years of ZERO problems, we replaced a Maytag Washer / Gas Dryer set that had been in the family since I was a kid (and that I was fortunate enough to hold on to).

The motor on the washer essentially just started to burn up during a spin cycle. (I'm sure it was the motor and not a belt, since the smell was hot metal... not hot rubber... like a popcorn popper minus the corn.) It would agitate fine, but couldn't spin.

So we replaced the duo with a Whirlpool Cabrio top load / agitator-less washer, and Cabrio Steam Dryer. It's a whole new way of doing the laundry, but so far, the results have been great. We've just followed what the manual and tutorials said, and haven't had any problems with unbalanced loads (such as has been reported on consumer sites, complaining about the washer).

But I had a lot of "affection," I guess you could say, for a washer / dryer pair that went for nearly a quarter-century without a single issue. We bought at a time when Maytag's washers/dryers carried the reputation for being practically indestructable. And here we had the proof... If out of the new ones, I can get half of what we got out of those Maytags, I'd consider myself pretty fortunate.


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Aug 24, 2004
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23 years is a fantastic run for your Maytag washer & dryer.:)

I haven't worked on any Whirlpool Cabrios as I quit Sears at the time these were coming on the market in 2005. So I probably can't assist you in the future on your Cabrio models, but we have other techs that probably can.:)