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Samsung Dishwasher Bazaar Problem.


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Sep 11, 2013
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I have a Samsumg DMT300 dishwasher...and a bazaar problem.

My first problem was the drain motor getting stuck on with no error codes. The dishwasher was completely drained, and opening the door did not stop the motor. I could get the motor to stop by slapping the front of the unit or restarting the wash cycle. I thought it could be...

1. A stuck rely.
2. Bad cable connection.
3. Bad Controller.

Lately it started throwing a low water level error, right before entering the drying cycle. Here is when things get bazaar. After the error is displayed, I turn the washer off. After a little while the washer turns on the drain motor. It stays on. It will go off if I slap the front of the unit or I start a new cycle.

After doing a little research I learned how to put the washer into "service mode". I ran all of the test without any failures multiple times.

Last night it threw the "low water level" error. I turn the washer off, and waited for it to turn the drain motor on. I then put the washer into service mode. It went into service mode with the drain motor running. The first mode test the input water valve. I turned the input water value on, and opened the door. The water valve shuts off and the front panel blinks indicating an open door error, but the drain motor continues to run.

The motor runs up until test cycle 6, which test the drain motor. When I advance to the drain motor test, the motor shuts off. I can then turn the motor on and off via the front panel buttons!!!

So I can rule out a struck relay...door sensor...water level sensor...cable connection. Which would indicate a bad controller, but the controller behaves correctly most of the time. What else could cause what I'm seeing?
Model: DMT300RFW

I would not have suspected a shorted button. Is there a way to verify this?
Well, lets go back a step, you said this:
The dishwasher was completely drained, and opening the door did not stop the motor.

Now when the door is opened all operation of the machine should stop per the door latch switch assembly, so you may want to check that first.

Here's the door latch switch assembly for your model:
Door Latch DD34-00002B Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

Door lock switch assembly * Switch assembly only comes with 1 relay now. A second relay is needed. Please see related item below.

Door Switch 99002751 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

I'd ohm test both door switches to see if one is sticking closed:


Both switches test good. I didn't expect this to be the problem b/c when in service mode whatever your testing stops when you open the door. BUT...

When it gets into the mode where the drain motor is on. I can enter the service mode...while the drain motor is running...I can test everything...with the drain motor running. You are correct during any test if I open the door the washer stops and gives a door open error, but the drain motor will continue to run! It will always run until you enter the mode that test the drain motor. When you enter that test mode the drain motor turns off.

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