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FIXED Samsung dishwasher DMT300 -- No water


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Jul 13, 2011
Model Number
My Samsung dishwasher recently began flashing "quick" as an error code. A quick look at the manual shows this to be a water supply error.

-I have checked the hose and cut-off valve. Valve is open and water is getting to the inlet valve.
-I purchased a new water inlet valve and installed it -- still no water
-I plugged my multi-meter into the harness that feeds the inlet valve and it is only showing 12V AC when the valve should be energized. 2V AC when valve is supposed to be closed.

Why am I only getting 12V to the solenoid? I have tested my meter and it is functioning correctly. The solenoid shows 120v 60hz stamped on the side.

This model has a flow sensor between the inlet valve and the tub. I'm not sure if this could cause a problem but I'm unsure how to test it.

Any ideas? Thanks.
lots of views but I guess no one knows.

Can anyone tell me if Samsung puts tech sheets on these things? Maybe I'm overlooking it but I don't see it. The user manual and installation manual are useless for any sort of troubleshooting.
What is the full model number? I can try and locate a fast track work sheet to help you out. It sounds like the control board has an issue, though.
Circuit board is where I'm leaning also.
Full model number is DMT300RFB/XAA

I will never own another Samsung appliance. Their technical service literally consists of "have you reset the breaker? Okay, if that didn't fix the problem you will need to schedule a service call." And that is for any and all questions. My dishwasher and OTR microwave went out within less than a week and they are both only 2.5 years old.
Here is the Fast Track sheet for this model. Hope it helps.


  • DMT300 Fast track R1.pdf
    1.9 MB · Views: 2,319
Here is the Fast Track sheet for this model. Hope it helps.

Ah, excellent. That is a big help.

Expected causes for WATER SUPPLY ERROR
"Alien particles within water supply valve
Water supply valve terminal not connected
Possible defect : Main PB, Water supply valve , Flow Meter"

Since I've already replaced the water supply valve, and I know I'm not getting proper voltage to the solenoid anyway, I think this is a board issue.

Thanks Wild for assisting him.:)

Here's the main control(PB) for this model, in case others with this same model need it too:
Samsung DE92-02130C Assy Pcb Main

Thanks, Jake. Everyone should also know that the PCB is covered under a 5 year warranty instead of the 1 year for the rest of the machine.

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