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FIXED Samsung dishwasher DW80M2020US normal light blinking


Oct 20, 2020
Model Number
1-5 years
I read another post on this form and it didn't help me very much so I'm putting this here to help people in the future.
This is the one I read and has a little bit of info:

So I was getting the normal light blinking which states it is a leak problem or a leak sensor problem.
I would pull the washer out and tip it back (Might not want to tip it forward to avoid water getting into the PBA (which is under the unit on front side behind the black plate, its in the big plastic box on the left and other people have had their problem fixed by just drying that out because water somehow got in it) and water would leak out from the bottom tray where the leak sensor is (the bottom plastic the washer sits on) and after cleaning the water up the washer would run for almost a complete cycle until it gave me the same leak error.

SO that would mean there is actually a leak if water keeps collecting in that tray. I took the washer out (Disconnect the power and water and drainage first) and flipped it on its side to take off the very bottom tray where all the components and motors are. There was indeed water in that tray and over some of the mechanical parts inside. I looked and with some common sense figured out water only goes in one way and out one way- makes sense right? I took the hose where the water goes in and blew into it and saw water coming out of the initial plastic piece.

You can slide the yellow thing off of the plastic to avoid taking the wires off the yellow part. Then unscrew the plastic hose area and take it out. The part of the plastic that the yellow thing comes off is actually another twisting hose type fitting and it came loose. I cleaned the whole plastic part and tightened the bottom part and put it all back together. Everything works now and has for awhile. I hope this helps everyone that's new to repairs like myself and had to wing it for 1 too many nights.


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