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Samsung dryer intermittently stops drying DV42H5200EF/A3


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Sep 16, 2015
Model Number
6-10 years
Okay. My Samsung front load electric dryer occasionally doesn't dry. Sometimes I can do 6 loads of laundry a day with no issues, but sometimes on that 6th load the dryer doesn't really heat up much and after 60 minutes, the clothes are half wet. In that case, I just turn it back on for 60 more minutes. They always get dry the second time around. I don't turn machine off and back on, I just restart the cycle. I always use the time dry setting. It never does it on the first load of the day. It's always on load 5 or 6 when it happens.

Now, we've checked EVERYTHING. There's no lint clogs anywhere. It has a brand new vent hose and the lint trap is clean. The heating element looks fine and the thermostat and thermal fuse Ohm out good.

This is my model# DV42H5200EF/A3-0000.

It is not under warranty anymore. When it was a year old the factory replaced the main control board.

Any idea what could be going on? Like I said, it doesn't happen every day and not with every load. It just does it occasionally and always after I've been using it for a while.

ETA: the built in diagnostics on it doesn't show any fault codes. I also use the timed dry every time.