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Samsung DV45K6200EW dryer shuts off after ~3 minutes on sensor cycles


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Aug 1, 2021
Model Number
1-5 years
Hello having similar problems as the threads below however with the following observations / differences:

1) Dryer model Samsung DV45K6200EW
2) On any sensor dry setting, machine would run for 3 minutes, then drop to 1, then shutoff.
It is behaving as though it cannot sense wet clothes in the machine
3) Dried cleaning Moisture Sensor ( 90% alcohol )
4) With machine fully disconnected measured 8K ohms between sensor bars ( assuming wiring good - not open and not shorted )
5) With machine plugged in and powered off ... measured about 12V-DC between ground(frame) and each of the bars
6) With machine operating a normal cycle (door switch taped) ... measured about 12V-DC between ground(frame) and each of the bars
7) Dryer works fine on manual cycles - any heat including high and any time setting - machine operates fine.
( I am assuming this would rule out vent blockage, thermistor and heater issues )
8) I tried running a vent blockage test ( Time-up + Dry-Level = Ins ) but getting a C1 code and test does not run
9) Checked vents and general condition - machine is ok clean, nothing terrible

1) C1 code seem to indicate there is clothes in the dryer ... but it is empty.
Is this a correct interpretation of the C1.
And how does it sense whether there is load in the dryer
2) Is there a separate diagnostic mode other than the vent blockage test that can be used to specifically test the sensors ?
3) Am I overlooking something else or assumptions are wrong ?

Update: Found this other thread almost same problem, however no fix was mentioned.

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