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Samsung DW7933LRASR 4E Error Code


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Sep 1, 2018
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6-10 years
Hello all,
I just wanted to make sure before I start throwing money at my dishwasher that I get the right part. When I turn it on and then select what type of cycle I want, I hear the pump running then the dishwasher beeps, I believe 4 times and starts blinking "Smart Auto". At that point it just sits there and I continue to hear the pump running then it quits.

I know the supply line and the drain line are free and clear as they are new which I put on like a week ago. From what I can tell on everyone's chatter about it, it is the inlet valve if I'm not mistaken. Has anyone ever had this issue before? Please let me know as my wife says she is about to start buying paper plates and forks. Thank you all.

I did find, a copy:

starts blinking "Smart Auto"

Water supply error.
Check whether the water supply valve is closed, the water supply is suspended or the water inlet valve or line is frozen or clogged by foreign particles.

If needed:

2 common trouble maker:

Water-Inlet-Valve-DD62-00084A--01551242.jpg Water inlet valve assembly

Temperature-Sensor-DD94-01006A--01548522.jpg Sensor case assembly

Fantastic, thank you so much Jeff. I guess I will check to see if it is clogged for whatever reason. If not guess I get to make a trip into the store to get one. Thank you once again.
If you get a chance, let us know how the repair goes.

Same issue as above (blinking “Smart Auto”), replaced the inlet assembly and entire case break…problem persists. At this point contemplating replacing the main board, but skeptical that’ll solve it. Any advice before I throw in the towel (dishwasher to the curb)?
I'm not that familiar with Samsung dishwashers.

This thread is a few years old, you can search this link: https://www.applianceblog.com/mainforums/search/142382/?page=2&q=Smart+Auto&o=relevance

Also look at this thread:
Appreciate it Jake, I’ve reviewed this thread, only conclusion I can make us either my replacement parts are faulty (entire case break already replaced) or main control panel is the culprit.
Glad to help, sorry I couldn't help more.
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