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Samsung DW80R7061US Won't Power On


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Feb 19, 2023
Wheat Ridge, CO
Model Number
1-5 years
I have tested the outlet and it is working on other appliances. We had a pool of water at the base and it never drained so I mopped it up myself. The Dishwasher powered on once after I unplugged it but unfortunately, it won't turn on anymore.

I've read on other forums to replace the Control Board but I'm not sure which replacement board to buy and/or that's the part I need. Please HELP!
Yes, I see you posted in this other thread:
I helped you there.:)

Let us know how it goes.
@Jake So I got the washer to power back on. I held the Start button for 3 seconds and it ran the Cancel/Drain cycle. So the good news is that it drains. However, now the issue is that no matter what setting, the washer won't finish a full cycle.

For example, I ran a Normal cycle last night which says 2hr 25m on the LED readout. I hear the dishwasher start up and run until 2hr 13m. I left it untouched over night and this morning it read 1hr 55m. I opened the dishwasher and the detergent has been used, the dishes are cleaned and dried, but there's a big puddle of water undrained.

Any idea what would be causing this? Any troubleshooting you recommend? Thank you
Sorry, I don't know what the problem could be, I haven't seen that problem before.

Hopefully another tech or member that's seen this problem and fixed it can shed some light on this issue.
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